Saturday, September 20, 2014

Waiting For Baby

We are getting very excited to meet this little baby and emotions still take over when I think of all that we have been through this pregnancy.  This could get a little lengthy, but this is our baby's story and I want to have it for the record.  We found out in early January 2014 that we were expecting!  It was at this time that Byron's company was working on a bid on a project in Israel.  We expressed our interest in being willing to go and the journey began.  This baby has been to Disney Land in California and also experienced it's (and mine) first earthquake.  Driven through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and into Wyoming.  Took a trip to Nebraska and South Dakota.  Flew to Newark and then onto Tel Aviv, Israel . We have been to Jerusalem and Haifa,we have sat through part of a war in Israel and then onto Rome, Florence, a touch down into Athens and back to Tel Aviv. Finally, back on the big airplane for a trip back to the US at 34 weeks pregnant.  Phew.......I'm tired.

Even today, on my due date, I get very emotional when I think of how we pictured things would turn out how they have actually turned out.  I have been very thankful for my wonderful midwife here in AZ that put me back on her books and has been such a help and encouragement to me.  I can't help but think of my midwife back in Jerusalem and how I imagined us welcoming our baby in Israel.  In the end I know it doesn't matter where the baby is born, but it really is hard for the mind to make a complete 180.

We have everything ready and baby can come anytime.  We are excited to meet this little one and excited to get back to our lives in Israel as soon as we can!

                                                      Midwife Barbara in Jerusalem

Midwife Stephanie in Arizon

The 40 week belly!


We made it back to Arizona with no problems other than a couple of swollen ankles, but after a nights rest they were back to normal. We found a little furnished condo in Scottsdale that we are camped out in until baby arrives.  We have been having fun and we are so thankful for friends that have reached out and lent us baby supplies, toys, crafts and all of the "little" things that wouldn't fit in the suitcase that make you feel more at home.

                                                  Diamond Backs Baseball Game

Rock Climbing Birthday Party!

The kids watching the monsoon.

Mom had a birthday!


                                                              Splash Pad!!!!

And my favorite....foot rubs and tummy decorating. :)

We are managing just fine here in AZ. 

A weekend back in Jaffa...........To be continued........

It was decided at the end of our stay in Rome that the best decision for the Nesvog family was to head back to the US to have our baby.  This was a very hard decision for us, but thankfully we had a quick weekend back in Jaffa to unpack, wash and repack.  Remember that our stuff had just arrived before we left for Rome so I had bigger maternity clothes as well as baby clothes and more clothes for the kiddos sitting in boxes.  It was a fury of a weekend going through our stuff and trying to get reorganized for the next 3 months of our life.  We did find some time to ride our bikes to the Jaffa port and meet our HP family for the final supper. :) We were all sad to leave as we really do love our life in Israel.  We can't wait to get back and resume our lives!

 Sally lost her first tooth on our last night in Israel!! She woke up and found 20 shekels (about 5.50 US dollars) under her pillow!! She spent her money on a 9 US dollar bag of skittles at the airport!!  Dad had to pitch in to make up the difference. :)

                                                         We miss this view so much!!

           Here we go again!!  I never imagined we would be making this trip back to the US so soon.

Fun in Firenze!! (Florence!!)

The majority of us took off for a weekend trip to Florence, it was really great to get out with the group and have a little fun.  Some of them continued on to Venice, but we thought one big day in Florence was enough.

Train Ride!!!

The Central Market

It is hard work being a tourist. 

                                                                                  The Duomo


 The statue of David (above).  Whenever Benji runs around naked we call him "David".  We were excited to show him why. :D

                    Our friend Mariano met us in Florence and showed us around!  We sure had fun!

Sally picked out a purse and a key chain....another hard decision!

We really do have a lot of fun with our HP family!  I would like to say that this is usually how we roll.....but the later picture shows it best. :)

Ended our day with a nice meal out before getting on the train back to Rome.